rainbow serpent

There are many names and stories associated with the Rainbow Serpent, all of which communicate its power and significance within Aboriginal traditions. Stories of the Dreamtime tell of the great spirits and totems in animal and human form that moulded the barren and featureless earth during creation. The Rainbow Serpent came from beneath the ground and created huge ridges, mountains, and gorges as it pushed upward. It is thought to control the stores of water, forming gullies and deep channels by slithering across the landscape and restoring the water through rain and thunder storms. When female or bisexual, it is sometimes depicted with breasts and associated with human blood, especially circulation and the menstrual cycle. The Rainbow Serpent is considered to be the  creator of everything in the universe seen as a powerful healer. Quartz crystal and seashells are associated with the Rainbow Serpent and are used in rituals to invoke it.