A Greek Creation Myth

from Robert Graves

In the beginning, Eurynome, the Goddess
of All Things, rose naked from Chaos…
But found nothing substantial for her feet
to rest upon, and therefore divided the sea
from the sky, dancing lonely upon its waves.

She danced towards the south, and the wind
set in motion behind her seemed something
new and apart with which to begin a work
of creation.

Wheeling about, she caught hold
of this north wind, rubbed it between
her hands, and behold!
The great serpent Ophion.

Eurynome danced to warm herself, wildly
and more wildly, until Ophion, grown
lustful, coiled about those divine limbs
and was moved to couple with her…
So Eurynome was likewise got with child

Next, she assumed the form of a dove,
brooding on the waves, and in due
process of time, laid the Universal Egg.
At her bidding, Ophion coiled seven
times about this egg, until it hatched
and split in two.

Out tumbled all things that
exist, her children: sun,
moon, planets, stars, the earth
with its mountains and rivers, its
trees, herbs, and living creatures.